Nitro Boost and Cleaner

Enhance your mobile’s performance and improve lagging apps with just a touch on your mobile screen!

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Extend Battery Life of your Smartphone with Nitro Boost and Cleaner

Nitro Boost and Cleaner can improve your device’s performance by managing apps, cleaning junk files, and boosting your battery.

Nitro Boost and Cleaner give the Android users an opportunity to remove junk and clutter that seem to be taking a toll on battery life. This app is designed to make it easier for the users to navigate and manage their installed apps and optimize the overall performance of an Android phone. The Boost Ram feature of this app comes with a 1 Tap ram boost that eliminates excessive junk and frees your Android devices’ ram with a single touch on the screen.

Apps have a sneaky way of consuming more space than usual which results in deplorable performance of your Android device. Nitro Boost and Cleaner brings such apps to your attention that take too much space even in hibernation mode.

With seamless navigation and battery boosting options, Nitro Boost and Cleaner is the perfect app to manage your device’s performance.


Monitor Apps

Analyze and evaluate the performance of all the installed apps.


Phone Boost

Kill off lagging apps that are slowing down the performance of your device.


Save Battery

Tap the apps and put them in a hibernation mode to maximize your battery life.


Remove Junk

Evaluate and safely remove the junk files that are taking up extra storage.


1 Tap Boost

A single tap of the finger will rid your phone from excessive junk files.


Easy User Interface

Nitro Boost and Cleaner is designed to ensure effortless boosting and cleaning.

Remove Clutter From Your Android phone!

Install Nitro Boost and Cleaner in your device and effortlessly manage apps that affect your smartphone’s battery life.

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