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This privacy policy section is designed to inform all users of Nitro Booster Kit app about its information collection practices. You are requested to read policies’ section before installing the app.

In this privacy policy, ‘we,’ ‘us,’ ‘ours’ refers to Nitro Booster Kit app and ‘you,’ ‘yours’ refers to users. Moreover, the purpose of this section is to explain to users how we collect, gather and use information and your rights concerning to that information.

By installing Nitro Booster Kit app, you agree to our privacy and information collection practices.

If you don’t agree with how we work or if you disagree with our privacy policy in general, do not install Nitro Booster Kit app and do not utilize services of this app.

For more information about our privacy practices, please read on.

Collection of Information

Following are sections which contain information about how and why data is collected from users.

Information Acquired Through Voluntary Action

By installing and running Nitro Booster app, you give us permission to collect and save your information into our log system. The information that is usually collected through voluntary action includes access to your camera, microphone, photos, accounts, contacts, and phone.

The collection of such information is purely voluntary as users are provided with a warning window. This warning window indicates that Nitro Booster kit app requires access to users’ camera, microphone, photos, accounts, contacts, and phone for app’s smooth working.

Information Acquired by Third Parties Through Third Party Advertisement

We have employed services of a third party, i.e. AdMob by Google, to help us run our operations smoothly. In return, we have allowed AdMob to use our platform to display advertisements.

If users choose to visit website/app shown in third party advertisement, we will not be able to protect them as our protection services do not extend to any outside platform. Also, such third party websites/advertisers may be practicing different privacy policies, so you are encouraged to visit their privacy policy section to ensure your agreement with them.

Information Acquired Through Third Party Analytics

We use third party analytic services to know how our services are being used and frequency and duration of users’ stay on Nitro Booster Kit app. Keep in mind that neither we nor any third party collects your geographical location or information about websites you visit before or after running Nitro Booster Kit app.

Usage of Collected Information

On the matter of information usage, we collect information to ensure that we are providing users with most updated version of the app. Also, we may utilize your information to understand how our services are being used. The usage pattern helps us in designing and updating our services that can enhance user experience.

Disclosure of Information

We disclose your personal or non-personal information to our employees responsible for operating, analyzing data, and developing updates for Nitro Booster Kit app. We may disclose your information to third parties or government authorities if required to do so by law. We may reveal your information in response to court orders. Also, we may reveal your data to any judicial authority to protect other people from fraud.


We do not collect, acquire or store personal or sensitive information of clients. However, we maintain logs and app databases which we use to keep app related information. Moreover, we use security software for safeguarding the non-personal information of users. However, we do not guarantee that such software can protect or avoid any unauthorized access.

Sensitive Information

We request all visitors and users not to disclose any personal or private information that could cause them serious trouble. Moreover, we will not take any responsibility should any harm come to users upon disclosure of information.

Underage Pupil

Nitro Booster Kit app is neither intended nor designed for children under age of 13. The involvement of any person below the age of 18 usually requires parental or guardian’s permission. As we unknowingly collect or save information, we request underage pupil to refrain from installing Nitro Booster Kit app.

Required Permissions

We require permission to:

  • Remove or clean any unwanted or battery-draining tasks running in the background.
  • Kill unwanted apps running in the background without your knowledge.
  • Clear caches.
  • Detect Wi-Fi and other service’s networks.
  • Display a ‘Rate us’ feature.
  • Display third party ads
  • Alter your mobile settings to save battery.
  • Turn off Bluetooth when not in use.
  • And to access your browser history.


This privacy policy is subject to changes. This means that Nitro Booster Kit app will update and modify certain features of this privacy policy in future. All users of this app will be notified of any such changes in future. If you do not agree with updated policies, you should stop using all of our services. Your continued usage of our site and services even after modification in changes would signify that you have no issues with changes.

Contact Us

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