Pro Fit Privacy Policy

This website is exclusively owned and operated by Nitros Apps You are requested to read this section before installing our apps or engaging on the website.

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The privacy policy of Pro Fit Planner specifies the practices that govern the app. The clauses mentioned below are the description of how Pro Fit Planner collects your data. Every user is requested to give this policy a read to avoid misunderstanding.  The pronouns ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ refer to Pro Fit Planner.  Kindly read the policy before you take our services. Any kind of disagreement or grievance with our policy after taking our services will not be entertained.

Information Collection

We collect our users’ information to serve a number of purposes. You are advised to read the below-mentioned policies with great care.

Third Party Advertisement  

Pro Fit Planner offers different versions for the clients. Our free version comes with third-party advertisements so that the user can visit other sites and products by clicking these advertisements. However, they should keep in mind that our protection only applies to our app only and as soon as the user clicks on the ads, he/she leaves our app’s secure realm.

Voluntary Action

When you install our app on your device, you automatically give us access to your data. We may save the relevant data in our database. For instance, we require your information to provide you access to the premium account. We want you to acknowledge that we only store the information that is inevitable. We never steal or share your information. We only store the information you give us access to.

Third Party Analytics

In order to observe your activity on our app, we have incorporated various third-party analytics. We and our third-party allies do not store your information. We never record information about your internet activities other than that on our website and app.

The Use of Your Information

keep you updated about our upgrades in the website or app. The information also comes in handy when it comes to making amendments to our services. Moreover, with your information, we improve the working of our app.  

Information Disclosure

 We never share your information with unauthorized or third-party users; however, under certain conditions, we may disclose your information to:

  • Our support department and other related employees accountable for running, updating and designing our app
  • Authority figures of governmental bodies if they intimidate us with a lawsuit
  • Judicial authority for safekeeping from fraud
  • Law officials upon court orders.

Furthermore, Pro Fit Planner cannot be held responsible for the damage caused by the said exposure of information to legal bodies.

Client Security

Without the permission of the client, we never even store their name. Nonetheless, our database and logs keep their login credentials and some other information safe. This information is usually non-personal. This information is required for the sake of making services better and updating the app.

Clients Below the Age of 18 Years

The information we need from our clients is of utmost value for us.  We do not expect any youngster to use our app without permission of a guardian. That is why we highly appreciate entertaining only adult clients, at least 13 years old.

Though we cannot pick out the true identity of the user with the age he/she tells us, we still advise against befooling the company policy. Besides this, our app is made to serve mature people.  So, we highly suggest children shouldn’t use this app.

Required Permissions

The following permissions are required for this app:
  •   Read phone state
  •   Get accounts

These permissions are required to provide a premium account to the client in addition to setting up alarms so that users can get most out of this app.