Pro Fit Workout Planner

With Pro Fit Workout Planner in your device, you don't have to visit any gym for an ideal body shape!

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One App for all Your Weight Loss Plans!

Pro Fit Workout Planner has 7 minutes workout plan for each day to make your journey to weight loss easier than ever before! Consider it your personal trainer because Pro Fit Workout Planner has brought together some of the best daily workout routines and packed them into an amazing 7 minutes workout app.

Pro Fit Workout Planner comes with three stages that you can unlock as your workout routine progresses. Six pack abs, strengthened limbs, toned tummy, strong muscles is what you will achieve with the app’s installation. The best thing about Pro Fit Workout Planner is that you will never have to rely on any gym equipment to get you dream body shape. Instead, its exercises revolve around things that are easily available in or around the house such as mats, chairs, and walls! Each of the defined exercises will target each muscle within your body so that one muscle isn’t getting more worked up than the others.

Increase your stamina and save your time by having a personal trainer installed on your Android device!


Plan Workout

With Pro Fit Workout Planner, you don’t have to rely on your gym for fitness anymore!


Save Money

You can get your hands on a free version of Pro Fit Workout Planner today.


Save Time

Each workout plan consists of 30 seconds which makes up 7 minutes in total.


Flexible Schedule

Pro Fit Workout Planner does not specify a time so you can exercise whenever you want.


Three Plans

It has three plans which mean that the beginners can choose the plan they like the most.


Workout Videos

Pro Fit Workout Planner includes exercise videos for the beginners.

Dedicate 7 Minutes of Your Time to Your Body!

With Pro Fit Workout Planner in your phone, you can easily shred fat without ever going to a gym!

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